About Consocio

Founded for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and incorporated in Cyprus, Consocio has a presence in Eurasia, Americas, Africa and Australia. It is the first novel Electronic Governance Ecosystem focused on Research and Development in Systemic Innovation. Consocio is enabling the means to provide Sustainable Capital and a Legitimate Currency to our Stakeholders, establishing us as a leader in Digital Transformation and Social Impact by effectively reducing Systemic Risks for and Social Costs.

The Digital Social Contract, part of our Benevolent Corporate Responsibility Policy, offers a potentiality of our fiduciary capacity to expand our duty never before possible through the means of Technological Innovation in Social Sciences, by resolving Antagonisms between Conflicting Stakeholders Interests.

The Portfolio of Producing Assets and Intellectual Property reflects this Vision necessary for the Moral Progress of our Civilisation. Our Stakeholders have real Ownership Rights in the Technologies that support our Civilisational Advancement, and are granted Access Rights to the Economic Utilities that are a prerequisite for survival and a fulfilling life.

The Vision of Peace, Prosperity, Climate Action and Longevity offers the opportunity to solve in a spirit of Universal Fellowship the most pressing problems we face together as a Society.

Artificial General Intelligence

Michalis Papaiakovou

Founding Stakeholder

I am Michalis Papaiakovou, live in Cyprus, EU a place in the East Med. I was born and never understood why things are the way they were the way I found them, I was devastated in my late 20s, a vision of unity was born, I had to be whole again I wanted peace, prosperity, a healthy mind, and body, a Soul. Not only that, but I realise that the outer world can reflect the inner, sacred dimension of the human spirit that can heal our planet.

As the Founding Stakeholder, my passion for a quantum leap in social sciences was to transform the scarcity mindset embedded in our consciousness by realising that we are all share a part of a universal intellect, and that would enable us to come the increasing quality of life and wellbeing of every sentient and sapient being.

Consocio supports projects and creators that they trust, and rewards them, with a Stake in the assets that technologically advance our civilisation in a sophisticated manner.

Consocio is a platform for the world’s democracies, a network of stakeholders public-private, and in civil society, partnerships build to support the world’s most legitimate currency system.

In short, to effect, a reduction in systemic risks and social costs by utilising a model of beneficent power relations, and achieve a cyber-physical symbiosis of mutualistic associations in the ecosystem.

The stakeholders have ownership rights, the Stake, by giving their legal consideration to the Digital Social Contract, known as the terms and conditions*. Wealth inequality caused by economic exclusion will be addressed since everyone is a partner and a member with the Stake, a programmable, regulated, and compliant financial security that is freely traded in the capital markets.

Donation in Bitcoin due to your philanthropy will form the Treasury and Reserve of the network, and work in conjunction with the Bank* in Philanthropic distribution of resources to people in need. When that is not enough especially now with the lack of stimulus from other Banks*, we designed a Marketplace to share excess resources in Social Solidarity, that would increase your Stake hold’s Trust, giving you access to more of the decision-making.

My dream is to develop fusion energy, superintelligence, become interstellar species, and live long enough to be forever healthy with ease.

The money will go towards startup legal fees, website design, and blockchain code, as well as designing the prototype of the most secure in a cyber-physics hardware wallet, generally will allow me to be more creative with my inventiveness, like an anonymous cryptographic contact tracing system integrated for COVID mutations spread in a decentralised network.

He developed a model for a Union of Societies in which he envisioned a fellowship that would be the basis for a Universal Society of Abundance in 

"The greater accumulation of trust, the greater the benefits for society."
“30% less conflict for 2030 equates 9 times the total earnings of 1 billion people living in extreme poverty”
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